Ex Libris

Ex-Libris, also known as a bookplate, is a small decorative label often pasted on the inside front cover of a book to indicate the owner. They typically bear a name, motto, device, coat-of-arms, crest, badge, or image of personal interest that relates to the owner of the book. The name of the owner usually follows an inscription such as “From the Books of…” or “From the Library of…”, “This Book Belongs To…” or in Latin “Ex-Libris….”

Ex-Libris are important evidence for the provenance of books. The earliest known examples of ex-libris prints are German, dating from the 15th Century and are often of the highest artistic interest amongst collectors.

The ex-libris designs shown here are hand-drawn in pen ink and hand painted using calligraphy inks, water colours and acrylics.


David James Tombs ‘ Ex Libris

David Tombs trained as a mathematician, works as a software specialist and is something of a trivia buff. He has lived in many places around the world and liked the idea of connecting them in a personal Ex-Libris. Knowing Kathryn’s art and style from before he was sure she’d come up with something meaningful and colourful. He’s delighted with the result and looks forward to lining his encyclopaedias, atlases and other treasured books.

Fantastic Beings who live in “The Forest of Utopia”

The International Ex-Libris Exhibition 2016, Guadalupe, Zacatecas, Mexico. Ex-Libris dedicated to a fantastic being of the region of origin of the participant : ‘BUNYIP AUSTRALIA’ created by Kathryn E Lovejoy, NOV 2016

‘Nude and Moon’ – Commission for Mr Andrew G. Peake

‘Nude and Moon’ A personal bookplate created in year 2014 for Mr Andrew G. Peake, publisher in South Australia, which is part of a series of bookplates which he showed at the FISAE International Ex-Libris Congress, Tarragona Spain 21-28 April 2014. This being under the theme name of ‘Nude and Moon’ whereby the interpretation is left to the artist.

‘Sacred Kingfisher’ – Commission for Mr Mark Ferson
‘Sacred Kingfisher’ Australia is a personal bookplate commissioned for Dr Mark Ferson, President of The New Australian Bookplate Society, NSW Australia.
Personal bookplate for Zane Edward Tow ‘ Ex libris
‘Genesis’ Bookplate – Commission for Mrs Eileen Webber

‘Genesis’ A personal bookplate created for Mrs Eileen Webber, published Australia in 2012 – ‘Bookplate Artists and Their Bookplates’. Although the original bookplate states Eileen Webber’s name, the commission was to remove her name from the bookplate prints and replace this with the personal lettering of every family member who received their own book of Eileen Webber’s ‘The Way We Were’. A recollection of her family tree dating back to the 1600’s. Eileen desired an ex-libris in an art style of her current era and asked for her family crest ‘Mannion’ to be included in the artwork, shown at the bottom right.